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White Paper - Production Lifecycle Information Management

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Language: EN & DE
Publication date: 2. 2019



Projectgroup: PLIM

Information management from engineering to the shop floor


Nowadays, companies that operate globally are confronted with growing demands for flexibility and shorter development cycles. Among other things, this is due to the increasing complexity of products and the associated manufacturing processes. To cope with the increasingly demanding requirements, it is necessary to develop new standards and models for the uniform exchange of information throughout the entire product lifecycle. The project group PLIM (Production Lifecycle Information Management) brings together users from industry, system providers and service providers with a common vision of designing a universal information model throughout the entire product lifecycle. Practical use cases are discussed in joint workshops. These show how it is possible to flexibly adapt highly dynamic production systems in which human-robot collaboration is implemented. Development of detailed test suites for the use cases makes it possible for users and system providers to utilize the information model. Users can validate their processes and interfaces and system providers can use the test suites to further develop their products. Joint development ensures that the interfaces are harmonized in a targeted manner.


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