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Format: PDF (6 pages)

Language: EN
Publication date: 21. 9. 2017


Projectgroup: CPO

Impact of Cloud Computing on PLM Openness
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More than 80% of new software is being developed for the cloud1. In Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), IT Vendors provide, or plan to provide cloud-based offerings for all or part of their portfolio. Dramatic growth in cloud-based solutions is being driven by numerous benefits in cloud computing:

  • Increased power for processor-intensive operations such as rendering, simulation and analysis
  • Scalable storage capacity
  • Better cost control from reduced capital expenditure and flexible software as a service, subscription and managed services models
  • Predictable costs and lower Total Costs of Ownership
  • Faster time to value and reduced time for implementation
  • Opportunities for extended Service Level Agreements such as guaranteed application uptime
  • Support for integrations and customizations
  • Automatic roll-out of upgrades and updates
  • Increasing the ability to scale quickly based on needs to be agile in the marketplace
  • Assurance of meeting security standards - 94% of SMB cloud adopters report that they have experienced security benefits since moving to the cloud
  • Simplified client collaboration throughout the supply chain using, for example, popular web browsers
  • Higher employee mobility through client/server distribution and enablement of tablet and smartphone use
  • Improved employee mobility and collaboration, in addition to more flexible licensing models are clear benefits for PLM Openness.
    IT Customers who use cloud based offerings also need to consider potential challenges for certain aspects of openness (Interoperability, Extensibility, etc.). These may arise due to various reasons, including:

  • Dependency on cloud service providers who manage infrastructure, service level agreements and upgrades
  • Availability of customization and integration options in cloud environments
  • The objective of this white paper is to provide CPO members with a guide to those aspects of openness discussed in CPO version 1.4 which may be impacted when using cloud-based solutions compared with traditional on-premise installations. IT Customers and Service Providers can then seek more detailed elaboration from IT Vendors for their specific solutions.


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