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White Paper for PDTnet Authorization and Security Concepts

Format: PDF (20 pages)

Language: EN
Publication date: 5. 2003



Projectgroup: PDTnet

PDTnet Projekt, PDM-data exchange - Description of authorizied access on PDM systems and security concepts


The PDTnet project will give user outside a company network access to data inside the companies PDM system. This process involves a lot of security issues. The access to the PDM system has to be secured, so that only authorized users can login into the system, the transport from and to the system has to be secured so that third parties can not read the data and the users should only access data they are allowed to see.

A PDTnet scenario can only be successful if these three assumptions are valid. During the design of a PDTnet system the data security is a crucial part of the implementation.

This paper can only give an overview over the topics in connection with security. It is not intended to be a complete guide to a secure system. Its goal is to give an overview about the involved topics. All implementation details depend on the scenario, the transport mechanisms and the used PDM system and are heavily scenario dependent.


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