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Usage Guide Feature Recognition in CAD Systems

Format: PDF (27 pages)

Language: EN & DE
Publication date: 13. 12. 2007


Guidance for feature recognition with CATIA V5 and UG-NX
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Modern 3D CAD systems are able to identify features in a body that has no history and add them to the tree structure as components. This allows you to parameterize such bodies in order to be able to make changes to them. Models like this without a history are generally obtained following STEP conversion.

Feature recognition is also used in model preparation for NC programming. The functions recognize design and machining features and offer a range of options for filtering and identifying them. Design features can thus also be converted to machining features, taking into account geometric and technology parameters such as tolerances and threads. Features and patterns are identified and integrated in the manufacturing process.

The focus of this study is the feature recognition function in Dassault Systèmes' CATIA V5. The corresponding functionality in Siemens PLM Software's UG-NX is only outlined briefly. It will have to be analyzed and evaluated in a separate study.

This document was created as part of the work of the ProSTEP iViP Association's project Infoplatform.


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