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PSI 3 - Engineering Change Management

Format: PDF (47 pages)

Language: EN
Publication date: 12. 2007



Part: 3-2 Draft-Spezifikation for Engineering Change Order (ECO)


This Recommendation documents the ECO (Engineering Change Order) related results of the ProSTEP iViP/VDA project group ECM (Engineering Change Management). It includes the ECO Reference Process phases, scenarios and data model. The current version 0.9 is mature for validation by concept pilots.

This Recommendation was originally planed as Part 2 of the VDA Recommendation 4965 (VDA 4965). Since the demand of the project group to ensure their results by concept pilots could not be fulfilled, the ECM project group decided to close its work at the end of 2007. But since the gathered ECO content is seen as mature and valuable for public, it is documented by this PSI 3-2 (Draft) Recommendation, especially for the members of the ProSTEP iViP Association.

It is recommended to make familiar with the concepts of VDA 4965 to understand this Recommendation.

"The VDA 4965 is subdivided into individual parts reflecting the ECM Reference Sub-Process involved during the course of a change; this subdivision is subject to change as a result of further developments.

The main document gives an overview of and offers general recommendations for the overall ECM Reference Process, its modeling and a partner model. It describes fundamentals and basic recommendations valid for each ECM Reference Sub-Process. This document goes on to define

  • ECM reference sub-processes,
  • interaction scenarios,
  • messages for the communication,
  • ECM data model objects and,
  • mappings onto standards
  • which are shared by and relate to the specific parts of the recommendation as follows:

    Part 1 (ECR – Specification and Decision on Change) offers recommendations with respect to communicating Engineering Change Request (ECR) data to support the specification of proposed changes and the associated decisions. It describes the ECR Reference Process which permits synchronization of the different internal procedures of the partners involved using ECR Messages. It offers recommendations for permitted sequences of ECR Messages to provide support for business-typical ECR Interaction Scenarios (IS) within the scope of bilateral communication between the cooperation partners and recommendations with respect to the minimum requirements applicable to communication and message content. The change data contained in the individual communication steps is described in the ECR data model. The recommendation goes on to define how this information can be mapped to internationally accepted and established standards in order to permit implementation in the systems and interfaces involved.

    This Recommendation was originally planed as Part 2 of the VDA Recommendation 4965 (VDA 4965). Until today these results could not be validated in industrial pilot applications. But as the gathered ECO content is seen as mature and valuable for public, the project group decided to publish it within this Draft PSI-3-2 Recommendation, ready to be used and validated in industrial pilot ECO applications.


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