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PSI 24 / VDA 4961/4 Recommendation on Collaboration in Systems Engineering Projects – Collaborative Systems Engineering (CSE)

Format: ZIP file

Language: EN & DE
Publication date: 6. 2022



The existing SE checklist (VDA 4961/3) with focus on the area of mechanical product development/CAD from 2013 has been revised and now has the focus on the collaboration between partners in systems engineering.


This document resulted from a cooperation between VDA and PSI.

This version replaces VDA Recommendation 4961/3 of April 2013.

This recommendation serves to coordinate data exchange, communication and organisation within the framework of cooperation between partners in systems engineering projects. Due to the increasing digitalisation of products in the automotive industry and the associated extended integration requirements among the partners, this checklist expands the previous version to include all domains of the V-Modell in product development. It has been given a new reference and a new name and will henceforth be known as the Collaborative Systems Engineering Checklist (CSE Checklist).

The VDA and PSI recommendation supports the preparation and implementation of project work by:

  • Classifying the cooperation models to differentiate the development partnerships: The cooperation models classify the development partners according to their role in the development partnership and as-sign specific characteristics to them.
  • Use of the CSE checklist and associated templates to align data logistics in collaboration projects with the specified collab-oration models:
  • The CSE checklist and associated templates address the following topics:
    • Specific communication and CA infrastructure (CA = Computer Aided) of the project partners.
    • Definition of data exchange formats for technical documents and models (data exchange content, quality, procedures) in all domains of systems engineering
    • Process-oriented specifications
    • Project management, change and release procedures
    • Determination of deadlines, times, costs and responsibilities
    • Legal aspects


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