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PSI 17 - 3D Measurement Data Management

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Publication date: 7. 2017


Projectgroup: 3DMDM

3D Measurement Data Management with I++ DMS
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A variety of measurement methods and equipment are used in the manufacturing industry today to ensure a specified level of product quality. These differ in functional properties, such as the way in which data is collected (contact or non-contact), the way in which measurement data is processed, and in the level of integration with manufacturing equipment. In addition to typical properties such as precision and speed, their performance also differs in terms of the degree to which they can be integrated into cross-domain PLM processes. The multitude of devices and processes found in the manufacturing industry always presents a sizable challenge for the harmonization of processes and methods. The desire for a standardized interface for the flexible design of the measurement process, with its numerous participants and objects, is therefore a logical consequence. A complex object model is required that includes not just information on the product model but also the equipment and tools, as well as the relevant test and tolerance data (part of which is referred to as the product and manufacturing information), and its relation to the 3D geometry.

Given that the quality process is increasingly drawing-free, the digital representation of product data – the so-called digital master – has a key function in this context, too.

Cross-domain data management also gives rise to an additional need for powerful measurement data management. Here, factors such as data-related recording, digital master, control of the measurement process as well as IT systems and interfaces play a role. Companies are hoping that this will bring about an increase in the level of process automation, improvements to the change process, further stabilization in the process, consistent quality statements, enhanced performance in individual process steps, and the early identification of process risks before they become a problem. This challenge was addressed collaboratively and in a timely fashion through the Inspection PlusPlus (I++) initiative.

I++ DMS is an interface definition that originated through the automotive sector’s Inspection PlusPlus initiative and has since been evolved by automotive and aviation industry members of the 3D Measurement Data Management project group. The interface definition describes an interface for the exchange of information between software applications involved in dimensional quality assurance. The description covers design, planning, programming, analysis and execution in the quality process.

I++ DMS takes a service-based approach, and consists essentially of a UML information model, plus an XML schema that describes the UML model exactly. This extensive specification and its use in quality management systems are described here in this document.


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