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PSI 10 - PSM: Recommendation for schedule management

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Language: EN & DE
Publication date: 8. 2017


Projectgroup: PSMS

Requirements relating to a schedule management tool for different industries - standardized criterion catalogue at detailed concept level
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Because the automotive industry and its suppliers constitute a strong and important sector within the German economy, countless projects are launched, conducted and successfully concluded in the country every year. Alongside organizational, implementation, IT and many other projects, a huge scope for multi-project activities has emerged in the product development sphere in particular. This is a sector which has for many years been growing increasingly professional, expanding and benefiting from increasing levels of tool-based support. This sustained trend has resulted in the development of a market in which tool suppliers interact with professional purchasers and tool users and are regularly in contact with them concerning the requirements placed on high-performance, forward-looking schedule management tools (SM tools). The aim of the present Recommendation is to facilitate communications between the various parties and to create a common ground that will simplify the conduct of purposeful discussions. Neither the experienced project management specialists in the automotive sector nor the consulting and IT specialists employed by the tool suppliers should have to spend more time than necessary in the drafting of product specifications, lists of requirements or interface specifications. They should use this requirements standard as an aid in the design and detailed specification of customer-specific solutions as well as in the development of innovative systems.


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