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5. JT Benchmark - Long Report

Format: PDF (38 pages)

Language: EN
Publication date: 13. 2. 2015


Projectgroup: JT

The JT Application Benchmark is a project of the prostep ivip Association (PSI) and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The goal of the benchmark is to evaluate and enhance the interoperability between currently available JT applications in a fair and objective way.
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The JT Application Benchmark is a ProSTEP iViP Association and German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) project. Aim of the benchmark is to give a neutral overview of currently available JT application’s capabilities and improve interoperability between them.

This benchmark is composed of two independent building blocks: The “JT Check Tool” benchmark where check tools were tested and the “JT with STEP AP242 XML” benchmark.

Within the JT Check Tool benchmark the validation and verification of JT files were carried out with check tools. For this purpose known bugs were introduced into the test models. In the validation tests the compliance of source files to translated JT files was examined. For instance the exact geometry within CAD and JT were compared to each other, the completeness of PMI translation was checked as well as the completeness of attributes. In the verification tests, quality checks within the JT files were performed. Thus introduced errors like removed edges or missing faces should have been identified by the involved check tools. Regarding PMI, the check tool should have identified the missing PMI, the changed style (font and color) and the changed position of a PMI.

In the JT with STEP AP242 XML benchmark the focus lied on the capability of the translators to convert the product structure correctly into the STEP AP242 XML. In a second step, the written STEP AP242 XML files should have been properly read by translators and target applications. In special, the product structure and assembly attributes were checked.


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