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ECR Implementation Guide V1-1

Format: PDF (51 pages)

Language: EN
Publication date: 30. 11. 2007


Implementation Guideline for "Engineering Change Requests" Version 1.1
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This document is a concretion of the VDA Recommendation 4965, v 2.0. Its purpose is to describe additional aspects which are not covered by the VDA Recommendation due to various reasons, but which seems to be necessary in order to implement the VDA Recommendation or parts of it with the necessary quality. The Guideline is a result of the ProSTEP iViP project group Engineering Change Management – Implementor Forum (ECM-IF) and the ProSTEP iViP / VDA project group Engineering Change Management (ECM), which specified the VDA 4965, v2.0.

This document covers the scope defined by the Interaction Scenarios 1 and 2 of the VDA Recommendation 4965-1 on the ECM Sub-Process Engineering Change Request (ECR). Thus, it is also called ECR Implementation Guide.


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