Fact Sheet: Simulation Model Meta Data (SMMD)

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Short Description/ Transmitted Information - SMMD defines a data file format
- SMMD specification is currently under development and only for members of the prostep ivip association
Application Scope - Description of FMU implementation, execution, content and usage
- Open also for models that are not delivered as FMU
Maturity Industrialization (potentially standardization)
Goals - Standardized description format for behaviour models
- Enhancement of FMU interoperability
- Verification-oriented
Penetration Individual expert teams
Visibility Approx. 10%
Promoting Bodies prostep ivip Ass.
Type prostep ivip Recommandation
IT Standard Classification - Interoperability Standard
- Integration Standard
Data Format Text Format (ASCII/XML)
Relations to other standards - FMU/FMI
Overlap with other standards none


Industry Users

  • prostep ivip Ass. Smart Systems Engineering (SmartSE) Project group

Positioning of SMMD in V-Model


  • SMMD stands for Simulation Model Meta Data and is designed as a kind of consignment note to FMUs
  • SMMD files are XML files and the structure of SMMD XML files is defined by an SMMD XML scheme (* .xsd)
  • The SMMD XML scheme is developed by prostep ivip association in the working group "Smart Systems Engineering“ and is currently still under development
  • The SMMD XML scheme has been introduced in the prostep ivip recommendation PSI 11: Smart Systems Engineering V2, May 2018
  • An SMMD file can be used to …
    • specify models to be delivered as FMU, i.e., to describe which criteria a model should fulfill
    • describe models delivered as FMU, i.e., to describe the model implementation, execution, content and usage along with some further meta data
  • The SMMD concept is designed so that it can also be used to …
    • ... read simulation model meta data from the SMMD file when an FMU is imported into a data management or similar System
    • ... write simulation model meta data into an SMMD file when an FMU is exported out of a data management or similar System

Relevance and Benefit for MBSE

  • The relevance of SMMD for SE/MBSE is closely related to the relevance of the exchange of simulation models and co-simulations, which both have a very high relevance
  • The benefits of using SMMD files as accompanying consignment notes to FMU and non FMU simulation model are
    • a better understanding of expected simulation models that helps avoiding misunderstanding simulation model specifications
    • a better understanding of a delivered simulation model at a glance without inspecting the FMU / model itself
    • the support of importing and organizing simulation model meta data in data management or similar systems, tools and long term archive facilities
    • safeguarding coherent simulation meta data on both partners sites

Risks and Impediments

  • The benefit with respect to automated import/export processes is coupled with the implementation of import/export processors that cannot be enforced but only be fostered by prostep ivip association
  • In case a company has no automated SMMD generation or export facilities the SMMD files have to be created manually with appropriated efforts
  • To much mandatory objects and attributes might cause unwanted or worse… inacceptable manual effort from the viewpoint of the end user
  • The SMMD scheme and accompanying documentations are possibly only available for members of prostep ivip association