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CATIA V4 (Dassault) >> NX

The following settings are recommended up to CATIA V4.2.5 (Dassault) and NX 11

CATIA V4 (Dassault) - System

  • No elements should be placed in NOSHOW/NOPICK.
  • Model should be cleaned of all unused information, because the translator exports the complete content of CATIA-parts.->Delete:
  • Unused  DETAILS  (in all workspaces)
  • Unused elements from  NOSHOW</> (in all workspaces)
  • Drawings
  • Update SOLID-M into SOLID-E with CATSOE utility.
  • Perform SOLIDE/UPDATE, also if message UPDATE ALREADY DONE appears. (Regeneration removes inconsistencies.)
  • Generate Volumes from SOLID-E and delete SOLID-E in all workspaces. (Geometry is still exported as a solid in STEP.)
  • Scaled and mirrored dittos (EXPLODE function) should not be used. 
  • Before export elements of special CATIA modules (e.g. PIPING, BUILDING DESIGN) need to be converted to STEP compliant elements.
  • Use CATCLN.
  • Assembly structures in SETs should be transferred to DETAILS.
  • All FILTERs should be deactivated (LAYER -> FILTER -> ALL).
  • Solids/Volumes consisting of separate Bodies should be avoided.
  • Objects used for Boolean operations should show good penetration.

CATIA V4 (Dassault) - STEP Preprocessor

  • Option "Use Short Names" should be deselected (unless appropriate libraries are available). 
  • Recommended settings in Declaration File:


  • In the filename syntax special characters (especially / * % ) or umlauts must be avoided.
  • NX - STEP Postprocessor
  • Start the external STEP postprocessor with Translator -> STEP AP214 and select Import.
  • Select  Edit -> Settings  and define the options:
  • (or interactive from NX 8.5) To export a STEP File choose File -> Import ->STEP203 or STEP214.  
  • Object Types: One or more of the options Solid, Product Data, Surface and Wireframe (depending on model).
  • With the option Geometry: Sew surfaces it can be defined whether the translator sew the surfaces as they are imported or not. The default is not to sew surfaces.  
  • Recommended is to use the default settings in menu Translation Control (Tolerant Modeling).
  • A *.log and a *.def file will be created in the same directory as the imported models.
  • Validation properties are supported.

NX - System

  • Shaded view is helpful for a first impression of model quality. 
  • By choosing the menu option:  Information -> Object -> Type -> Solid Body -> Select all correctly transferred solids are identified with red color. (Same way with other model types). (up to NX2)
  • By choosing the menu option Information -> Object -> Objects -> Select all after choosing the filter for Solid Body in Information -> Object -> Filters -> Type Filter correctly transferred solids are identified with red color. (Same way with other model types).



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