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on 26/03/2021 at 14h00

The development process for electric vehicle electrical systems is undergoing radical change. Model-based development should ensure greater efficiency through a 100% digital description of the development documentation, the digitization of the transition from the vehicle electrical system development at the automobile manufacturer to the production at the wiring harness supplier and a cross-company change description. The aim is also to achieve greater transparency through, for example, vehicle-specific (FIN) traceability back to the requirements. 

This topic is the central concern of the Vehicle Electric Systems Workflow Forum. In the project group, a model-based development process is being developed with the participation of OEMs and wire harness suppliers, and a fully digital product model is being defined. This is accompanied by the further development and maintenance of the prostep ivip / VDA standards VEC and KBL. The implementation of the interfaces by the system suppliers is supported by test rounds in ECAD-IF and by the provision of implementation guidelines.

The following points will be discussed in more detail during the web seminar:

  • Working methods and current activities of the VES-WF
  • Test rounds in the ECAD-IF
  • VEC, KBL and Implementation Guidelines
  • ECAD Wiki and other project results


Dr. Max Ungerer, PROSTEP AG
Long-standing coordinator of the prostep ivip project groups in the field of vehicle electrical system development. He has been active in the field and working for prostep ivip for more than 20 years.

Who is the web seminar aimed at?

Anyone who is interested in the topic of digital product models for vehicle electrical system development.


What will you take away from the web seminar?

Knowledge about the current prostep ivip activities on the topic, current status of standards and information sources. 


As a member of the association you can participate in the web seminar free of charge.

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