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Joining the CPO Initiative

We provide the relevant CPO-related documents as a CPO Download Package (CPO Document, CPO Commentary, CPO Community Bylaws).

For IT Customers and IT Service Providers (cf. Organization) the process is very simple:

  • Sign the CPO document  (cf. page 13 of the CPO)
  • Send a scan of signed document via e-mail.

For IT Vendors
the process is twofold:

  • Please follow the process for IT Customers and IT Service Providers (cf. above)
  • Additionally, within three month after signing the CPO IT Vendors shall provide a so-called CPO Statement, which document the fulfillment of the CPO criteria by the company’s software.

The cornerstones of a CPO statement are:  

  • Providing a CPO Statement is inevitable for every IT Vendor within the CPO initiative
  • It should be provided at latest three month after signing the CPO.
  • For documenting the CPO Statement the related template shall be applied. of an IT vendor comprises (cf. CPO Statement Template)
  • Thereby the CPO Commentary offers help to apply the CPO and the Template as intended.

The CPO Statement template shall be used for the statement's documentation. In general there are two possibilities for making it publicly available:

  • Without further request, the vendor provides the URL to the relevant CPO Statement(s) within its website, so that we can set a related link at CPO Signees.
  • Without further request, the vendor provides its CPO Statement as PDF, so that we can provide a related link at CPO Signees.

For feedbacks on the CPO itself or on a certain CPO statement, please send an e-mail to psi-issues(at)

Further information

CPO Version 1.4

CPO Download Package

Do you have any questions concerning the CPO?

We are eager to help you!

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