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AI Marketplace Pitch Deck

The AI Marketplace provides a secure platform to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence for innovative and efficient product creation. As one of almost 20 consortium partners, prostep ivip is particularly concerned with identifying key AI use cases in engineering, addressing challenges related to data usability, and driving the networking of industry and AI providers. The project and the associated platform are in the final phase and already offer quite a few services and functionalities.

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New Whitepaper on AI Standards for Engineering

In the project "AI Marketplace", prostep ivip, together with fiware and the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, has conducted an analysis of the best-known engineering IT standards with regard to their usability for AI applications. The focus is on the question which data standards are directly usable for common AI frameworks, libraries and programming languages. The question of how to deal with low "AI readiness" of standards and which alternatives are available in these cases was also investigated. On this basis, recommendations can be made for the use of standards in the application of AI. The results of the analysis are available as a whitepaper also for download in our medialibrary.

AI Marketplace

prostep ivip is part of the "AI Marketplace" consortium. Together with other partners from IT, manufacturing industry and the research community, we are developing a digital platform on which users and AI vendors can make contact easily and tailor-made solutions for meeting industrial challenges can be created and used.

A sustainable innovation ecosystem will be established in parallel with the platform and will build on networks contributed by the project's partners and associated partners, among other things.

The AI marketplace will be gradually expanded to include new functionalities in 4 phases: 

Phase 1

Phase 1 provides an intelligent partnering process between solution providers and users.

Phase 2

In phase 2, the AI marketplace provides a protected data space for development and test data to improve AI applications on an ongoing basis.

Phase 3

In phase 3, an app store will be created – the AI marketplace will become the central place for exchanging AI applications for product development that can be used directly.

Phase 4

In phase 4, the final phase of expansion, an "AI toolbox" will be available, which industrial users can use to create customized solutions to their respective problems using standardized AI modules – simply and securely without any need for specialist know-how.

The project is receiving 11 million euros in funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the "Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems" innovation competition.


Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or would like to know more about opportunities for participating.

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