ProSTEP iViP Projects

ProSTEP iViP’s Technical Program is managed by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

  • TSC-Speaker: Bernd Feldvoss (Airbus)
  • TSC-Co-Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Handschuh (Daimler)

Currently the following members are active within the TSC: Airbus, BMW, Bosch, Cadence, Daimler, Dassault Systèmes, Delphi, ENX, Fraunhofer IAO IBM, PROSTEP, PTC, Siemens, Siemens PLM, T-Systems, TU Darmstadt DiK, Volkswagen.


ProSTEP iViP are categorized as follows:

  • Standardization – Development and maintenance of standards
  • Implementor Forums – Standard-conforming and interoperable IT
  • Application Projects – User-driven projects

The total budget of the Technical Program currently is: 1 m. € and allocated as follows:

The available funding is used for contracting responsible service providers in order to create and document solid and high-quality project result documentations. Over 60% of the budget is pay by the project partners and other bodies.

Technical Program

Our technological and process-oriented topics address process specifications as well as related interoperability standardization.


The ProSTEP iViP Project Guidelines give detailed information on project work within the Association, roles and responsibilities etc.  

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