Data Dictionary

Complete list of all objects (data fields, files, etc.) occurring in a data model or database. Its function is to manage data and users, and log links between data and programs. Besides completeness checks, logic dependencies are managed in the data dictionary. The data dictionary is part of the repository.

Digital Factory

The digital factory is the generic term for a comprehensive network of digital models and methods. Its purpose is the overall planning, implementation, control, and continuous updating of all key product-related factory processes and resources.

Digital Manufacturing

The term digital manufacturing comprises technologies, integrated production process planning, and automation on the shop floor. The focus is ultimately on optimizing production, reducing time and costs, while raising quality.

Digital Prototype

Virtual representation of a product by means of its product features that describe product structure and geometry as well as physical and logic features.

Acronym:Deutsches Institut für Normung

DIN is the national standardization organization of Germany and has its headquarters in Berlin. It is a registered association and according to an agreement with the Federal Republic of Germany, it is the German standardization organization responsible for European and international standardization activities.

Acronym:Draft International Standard

The Draft International Standard is a stage in the standardization process. It evolves from the CD stage through agreed changes and additions. See also: NWI, WD, CD, FDIS and IS.

Acronym:Digital Mock-Up

Digital mock-up denotes a digital test model representing the product structure (modules, single parts) and their precise positional geometry in the product.

Acronym:Direct Numerical Control

Centrally controlled numerical process data processing to control machining processes on machine tools.


A document is a collection or compilation of (product) information handled as a unit and stored in non-volatile form on a data carrier.

Acronym:Document Type Definition

A document type definition is a declaration in SGML and XML documents defining the document structure. Therefore, a DTD defines the sequence and concatenation of elements, and the type of attribute contents.

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