CAD models are generated in such a way that the defining dimensions are stored as variables (parameters). The advantage lies in the possible options to change a dimension.


Partial models are data models that group the data of only one domain, for example.

PDES, Inc.

The US STEP center. PDES, Inc. is an international industry/government consortium accelerating the development and implementation of ISO 10303, commonly known as STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data).

Acronym:Product Data Management

Product data management concerns product-related information management over the entire product life cycle in an enterprise. It also comprises a holistic approach to the planning, control, and review of processes required to generate and manage related data, documents, and resources.

PDM Schema

A PDM schema is a real subset of the key APs from the fields of development and production of electrical and mechanical components, modules, and assemblies (AP 203, AP 212, AP 214, AP 232).

PDM System

A PDM system is part of the operating information and coordination system. It implements the methods and rules of product data management.


PDTnet is a joint project of suppliers and manufacturers in the automotive industry. Aim of the project is the generation of solutions for the industry wide product data integration and -communication based standards. A major result of the project is the

PDTnet STEP AP214 / XML Schema

The PDTnet STEP AP214 / XML schema, defines a XML schema description for neutral product data communication on the basis of STEP AP214.

Acronym:Product Life Cycle Support

Product life cycle support (PLCS) is a developing international standard for defining and communicating through-life support information for complex equipment and the MoD has adopted it as the uniform standard of preference for product support data. PLCS forms part of ISO 10303 (STEP) - the STandard for the Exchange of Product model data - and extends this standard into the in-service phase.

PLM Services

PLM Services are a data schema and format that were developed during the PROSTEP iViP project XPDI. The aim of the development was to supplement STEP AP214 by a reference model that permits web services synchronous and asynchronous access to PLM-related data.


PLM XML is a data schema and format initiative proposed by UGS. It is a schema mapped in XML for storing and referencing structure and geometry data (integrated form). The data schema comprises the possibility of creating an associative link between applications by using a common product structure. It is based on STEP.

Acronym:Product and Manufacturing Information

Product and Manufacturing Information comprises comments added to a 3D CAD model to obtain production information and other non-graphic data.


Term for a software module that reads product data from a sequential file and transform this data into a CAD system specific data model.

Acronym:Produktionsplanung und -steuerung

Production model of an ERP system or autonomous software solution to support production organization.


Term for a software module that reads CAD data, transforms this data into an interface, and outputs the data in the form of a sequential file.

Product Data / Produktdaten

The data describing a product that is required to support the complete life cycle of the product, from requirements and concept design through to decommissioning the product.


The assignment of product components (materials, semi-finished products, single parts, module, product) and their interaction are defined by means of product structures. Assignment takes place by relationship pointers such as &quot,belongs to&quot, or &quot,consists of&quot,


Project management comprises all organizational process and techniques relating to the processing of a project.

Proprietäre Lösung

A proprietary solution describes a technique, system, plug-in contact, (software) interface, file format, or process which is specific to a manufacturer or association.


A suite of functions or activities not restricted in length or duration. A function or activity is started by one or several events and ends with one or several events.

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