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STEP AP242 Day

Date:19 October 2017
Venue:ZAL Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung
Registration:per Mail to:
Christian Emmer

Data exchange with STEP – doesn't that just involve the exchange of geometry data? Although that belief is not basically wrong, the STEP series of standards has much more to offer when it comes to AP242. The Business Object Model, an XML representation specifically for xDM systems, makes possible the efficient, cross-disciplinary exchange of product structures and process data regardless of the geometry format involved. But, here too, STEP AP242 can offer extensive new features including support for tessellated geometry, a comprehensive data model for data relevant to manufacturing such as dimensions and tolerances, as well as the description of composite materials.

The prostep ivip Association will be holding a STEP AP242 Day on 19 October 2017. The aim of this event is to provide insight into the extensive possibilities that this standard – which is subject to ongoing further development – currently offers and will offer in the future on the basis of actively used application examples and progress reports from the automotive and aviation industries.

We cordially invite all members of the prostep ivip Association to attend STEP AP242 Day, which is being held at the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) in Hamburg. Attendance at this event is free of charge. 

09:00Coffee – Exhibition

Welcome & Opening
Dr. Pfouga, prostep ivip


Keynotes: The Role of AP242 in Aerospace Industry
N.N, Airbus


Results of 2016/2017 AP242 Benchmark
Mr. Brange, AFNet


Vendor talks

12:30Lunch - Exhibition

Kinematics Simulation with STEP AP242 XML + JT
Dr. Handschuh, Daimler


Long Term Archiving with STEP
Mr. Zurray, Boeing


Status and Outlook of Semantic PMI for 3D MBD in AP242
N.N, Safran


Scope & Status of AP242 ed.2 DIS
Mr. Brange, AFNet

15:40Wrap-up & Closing
N.N, Airbus
16:00Coffee – Exhibition – Come Together
17:00Conference End 

Source: ZAL Roland Gerhards


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