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All companies worldwide are invited to sign and use the CPO. Those companies are called CPO Signees. They will be listed at the ProSTEP iViP CPO website and related ProSTEP iViP presentations. CPO Signees are allowed to use the CPO logo for marketing purposes.

Regardless of their legal form and, if applicable, their ProSTEP iViP member group assignment CPO Signees are divided into:

  • IT Customers: Companies that use IT systems and/or IT niche systems and tools for their business processes and which purchase/lease licenses and/or services.
  • IT Vendors: Companies that develop software as a dominating part of their business, e.g. IT systems or IT niche systems (cf. CPO Glossary).
  • IT Service Providers: Companies that provide services as a dominating part of their business. For example, performing integration tasks. This could include providing related software e.g. IT niche systems or tools.

Companies that signed the CPO and want to play an active role in the further development of the CPO have to be a member of the ProSTEP iViP Association. These companies constitute the CPO Community. CPO Community Members can

  • attend the annual CPO conference
  • elect and confirm the CPO Core Team out of the CPO Community
  • make proposals and discuss all relevant CPO items, e.g. the next major version of the CPO, with the CPO Core Team

An elected part of the CPO Community is the CPO Core Team. This team 

  • is responsible for the annual CPO report
  • finalizes CPO enhancements
  • is responsible for public relations
  • organizes the annual CPO conference

CPO Core Team representatives are elected yearly. For preparing this election each group (IT Customers, IT Vendors, IT Service Provider) nominates and announces their the candidates in advance:

  • 4 IT Customer representatives
  • 5 IT Vendor representatives
  • 3 IT Service Provider representatives

Details on roles and responsibilities are detailed within the CPO Community Bylaws.

For meaningful feedbacks on the CPO itself or on a certain CPO statement, please send an e-mail to psi-issues(at)

CPO Core Team

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Dassault Systèmes
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