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To save hours of unnecessary work, you should think which one of the hundreds of applications is worth to elaborate detailed openness requirements or where you can simple rely on the openness efforts of the related vendor.

In order to ease your work as much as possible, we provide an Openness Demand Quick Check for users, which helps you to separate the wheat from the chaff.
In practice, to devide into three levels of openness proved to be reasonable.
In practice, it has been shown to differ in three openness Level:

  • Openness Level OL1: General need for openness
  • Openness Level OL2: Increased need for openness
  • Openness Level OL3: Openness has strategic importance

Take advantage of the Quick Check, in ordert o figure out the right openness level, take the appropriate steps and save time, money and nerves.
Practice-tested are the following steps:

  • OL1: Check: vendor signed CPO, provides related CPO Statement
  • OL2: Plus bilateral contractual obligation to openness
  • OL3: Plus ongoing evaluation (KPI), actions for discrepancies
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